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Is not it strange how things go......... Last year I wrote some stories about my ex -girlfriend Christine, who had a fabulous cock / cum fixation and has a great answer, but not all that up, (you know what that is, if you do not know where you go LOL), than after a few stories, upon request, with the blessing of Chrissy. Over 4 months I was dragged kicking and screaming into an elegant dinner dance and ended up at a table with a lot of people did not know, but after eating (and the usual seat of trade), a woman's hair Moira called dark sat beside me and put me. I had not paid much attention so far, but it was bubbly and talkative and very flirtatious. drinks later, and Moira laughed and said, cliti ' I think cliti I know ' and I said, ' Oh, yes, how is that? ' And she said : ' Do not you live with Chrissy ' was and I often say that their work is used and then laughed and said, ' More to the point, kicked contact me '....... I had no idea what they're talking and then told me that in reading the stories of SH by cliti Chrissy and if you've read last year, she knew it was me and sent an e -mail.... Ooops I asked him what he had written and said, 'Oh, thank you, obviously made ​​an impression and then', but she said she just said she had really enjoyed the history and I wanted to contact. s now I looked cliti in a different perspective. ( a kind of ' I'll be buggered ' light) knew it. I was married and 51, but now it looked good.... she was very small, about 4'11 'and 5'00', slim, with a dark bob, pretty face and beautiful figure, with what they described as n 'fertile' hips. I asked him what he liked about the stories, but she was not shy and spoke of his marriage without sex is not love, 30 years and has a little sad about all this, the things we asked for a dance break. We had a slow and sad Mooch she saida couple of times, Maudling about her marriage, and I told him to forget it, no problem, then suddenly she whispered to me, ' Chrissy was good?' and I said 'Yes', he said, 'I love milk and '........ I leaned back and looked questioningly 'Huh ??'... He leaned back into me and said : 'No, I'm ashamed '..... took the dance floor in a quiet area of the bar and said, cliti 'Talk to me' and after a while he said : 'I do Chrisy you want ' cliti and she said her husband does not like sex oral either way, but also fantasize all the time and when I asked how he knew she loved cum went beet and said that in the early days with my husband, who secretly licking his cum finger without it I know, because he ill have a way if he knew what he was doing. my God, I thought, a woman who has a taste of fantasy cum 30 years and she loves me. To say I had a hard was an understatement. I offered to take a, b,ack to me, or something in that moment, but she refused, come home, her husband had the watch can be seen, but I asked if I would come in the morning.... 'I ???'... Stupid question. That night I masturbated no sense to think of it and asked if I would have some sperm cliti left. I Moira is ten in the morning, wearing a morning coat and looked very excited..... She entered the kitchen and told me she had tried on a dozen teams, not knowing what cliti to wear. cliti She did not know whether to look or clasy slut or use cliti ordinary things. I asked him what he feels and he said, 'whore' and said, ' but only the mantle ' and she said : 'I have nothing to'... I smiled and said : 'So,' and after a few shaky moment, opened the waistline, taken from the shoulders and dropped to the ground and stood with eyes closed and hands over her tits. I was very impressedThey had a great body with nice small tits and shaved pussy surprisngly a clean. was very nervous when I took her hand and pulled the kitchen table where I left it in the back with her still on her tits. I pulled up a chair and pulled her hips to the edge of the table and ran his tongue around her inner thigh, which can also be ' Oh my God '.... I took it as a pleasant position to take and I pressed her tongue between her pussy lips and slowly cliti licked her wet hole, but he had the legs of my head a few times........ relax your legs relaxed and opened even more to the point which was east and west, and I plunged my tongue deep into her research, and her clitoris round and pert.... Moira pulled my hair, dragged me with her and my dick was hard to be in it. I got , dropped my pants and was about to slide my cock into her warm wet pussy as she sat bolt upright to say 'no ' I was stunned and of course, it looked.... 'Sorry,' he said, 'I have fear,' You said you wanted full sex in the case of husband found out and just play 'delicate ' as she described it, with this, because no agreement, but wanted I lick pussy and suck my dick wanted fear..... Again, who was I to argue?. cliti In any case, they lose the moment, and we sat in the living room with a cafe, where I gave cliti copies of stories about Chrissy and I had read, but was highlighted in pink bits, they said (in response to my question of the night before) were the bits they liked. Chrissy all the bits and give blowjobs cum drinking and when I told him it would be easy to solve, he said he never had and did not know what to do. I put a hand on the crotch of my pants and started rubbing me. After a few minutes, I pulled down his pants and took my cock in hand and began to masturbate. She had a great touch and it cost me very quicklymind, and she chuckled as he rubbed his pre -cum to finish my cock and licked her fingers. I put my hand on the cliti back of the head to show him where I wanted, and she went with him immediately, and tensed when I felt his warm saliva to stop on my dick and she jumped up and said plaintively 'What 's going on'... He said : 'Nothing ' and hit the back of the head, put it back where it was. mouth and pushed my cock and chewing on the end slightly on top and then I was rock hard in her mouth and slid my shaft and sucked slowly, as he bobbed up and down. He got out of bed on the floor between the legs, the mouth of my cock and took my mouth hips pumped faster and faster on my cock. It was like a piston, and then broke down and said, 'Rise ' I stood up and said, 'I want to fuck my mouth like you have with Chrissy '... Who was I to argue.... He grabbed my head and slowly slid in and out of the mouth and always hot hotier as she moaned with pleasure. I am always very tired at work and when she grabbed my ass, I pumped harder and faster. Within minutes I knew it was running and not even think about turning back and I felt that I kept my balls shrink and wine into his mouth. felt three squirts of semen in it cliti and still fucking like she swallowed and swallowed the lot. She was huge for beginners and an apparent sucked me and squeezed my balls trying to get the last drops from me, as my cock smoother and softer. , I felt very.... no guts and great! Moira had a big smile on your face and it was not long before they lick and play again and again.... We spent all day and pulling of hair and eventually, when I left I knew I had to wait so as not to end up and over it again...... Have we ? ? Ah, yes, but that's another story !
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